Breadboard Version

On this page, you can find the legacy Breadboard Version of the spectrometer.

A breadboard means using off-the-shelve components like LEGO bricks to progress towards the technical requirements in terms of resolution and sensitivity.

The OpenRAMAN breadboard works with a 40 mW laser diode and a simple imaging assembly. Nonetheless, it provides a proven 12 cm-1 resolution and works extremely well on a lot of common solvents including alcohols, ketones, ester, nitroalkanes with SNR above 1:1000.

Breadboard Version Assembly

The bare breadboard version is the main platform for later development. Future upgrades will require you to build this one first.

Imaging Lens Upgrade

Upgrade the breadboard to reach a 0.15…0.20 nm resolution with the spectrometer and save money at the same time!

Cuvette Holder Upgrade

Upgrade the cuvette holder to increase the signal-to-noise ratio of your spectrometer by allowing 4 times as much light!

Laser Upgrade

Upgrade the laser of the spectrometer to increase resolution to 12 cm-1 or better! This upgrade also increases the SNR of your spectrometer.