Starter Edition

The Starter Edition is the perfect entry-level spectrometer for educational purposes. Combined with the standard cuvette, it allows students to discover Raman spectroscopy at low costs.

Starter Edition with the Standard Cuvette

OpenRAMAN Starter Edition is suitable for both teaching of optics and chemistry. Here are some ideas of experiments that you can propose to your students:

  • (optics) Alignment and design of a spectrometer including
    • Design of a Raman spectrometer (link)
    • Alignment of a grating for a given spectral range
    • How laser bandwidth, slit, and optical aberrations limit resolution (link)
    • How to collimate elements quickly using a camera and machine vision lens (link)
    • How to align a laser to a given optical axis
    • How to tune dichroic edge filters
  • (chemistry) Discover how Raman spectroscopy gives information on the organic groups of the molecule
  • (chemistry) Track the kinetic of an organic reaction (link)
  • (chemistry) Quantify mixture of two or more liquids (link)
  • (chemistry) Identify a reaction even nothing seems to occur (link)

We are also always willing to develop new applications for our spectrometers. If you would like to partner with us to develop teaching projects, please contact us.

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