Starter Edition Performances

The Starter Edition has a tested resolution of 35 cm-1 on the peak located at 820 cm-1 in iso-propanol. Typical exposure times required for solvents are 10 seconds although spectra can already be acquired in 100 ms with degraded signal-to-noise ratio.

Figure 1 compares the Starter Edition with the Performance Edition for an iso-propanol spectrum. You can see that all the important features are clearly identified although the Performance Edition obviously has better resolution and better SNR.

Figure 1 – Starter Edition vs Performance Edition

The Starter Edition is the perfect tool for teaching optics or Raman spectroscopy at low cost. Optics students can learn the fundamentals of spectrometers design and alignment within a 2 or 4-hour lab session and chemistry students can learn Raman spectroscopy without you having to be afraid that they break an expensive piece of equipment of your lab!

Price is a great advantage of the OpenRAMAN spectrometer as the Starter Edition costs only about 2500€ ready-to-go with the standard cuvette. Even if your lab can afford to purchase an expensive commercial spectrometer for student labs, here you can buy up to ten spectrometer with the same budget so that more students can play with the tool at the same time!

OpenRAMAN is also open-source and easy to maintain or fix. You can service yourself any part that would be damaged by students and even build your own add-ons! This can also be a great experience for students. We, at OpenRAMAN, will always be glad to help you develop new projects for your students and support you as best as we can.

If you still have questions about the Starter Edition, just have a look at the spectra below. These are typical solvents available in any chemistry lab and are given without any type of post-processing or baseline subtraction! More questions? Contact us.