OpenRAMAN is an open-source, 100% free, Raman Spectrometer designed by professional optical engineers to bring Raman spectroscopy to your lab at the lowest cost without sacrificing on performances.

We currently offer the spectrometer in a Starter Edition version designed for teaching Raman spectroscopy and a Performance Edition version which achieves a tested 12 cm-1 resolution at low costs.

All the CAD files and software source code are given under a FSF-recognized open-source license ensuring that the work benefits to the community only. No profit is generated by OpenRAMAN and all donations are reinvested in the project.

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The detailed post on fiber-coupled Laser for OpenRAMAN is now online!

Fiber-Coupled Laser Add-on for OpenRAMAN is finally available! Validation will follow on

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Learn here the technology behind OpenRAMAN

OpenRAMAN Spectrometer Efficiency

I recently had the occasion to measure the efficiency of the spectrometer part of the OpenRAMAN setup using a calibrated powermeter (Thorlabs PM100D) at the office and I’m therefore taking the occasion to create a Read more…