Standard Cuvette

The standard cuvette allows you to study liquids in test tubes. Typical volumes required for the test tube are about 1.5 ml. The standard cuvette includes a cover to protect the user from the laser beam. The standard cuvette also works with dissolved salts provided that they have a large enough concentration.

The standard cuvette in the breadboard setup

All the drawings PDF and STEP files are available for download here below. The parts were designed to be printed in POLYAMIDE SLS Black Dye. Before you can use the parts, you will have to machine some of the holes. Please refer to the drawings to know which holes should be machined.

Download the files here: standard cuvette (rev1).

The vial hole can be made to the correct dimension using a standard 10 mm drill bit. The 6 mm holes and the 1/2″ should be made using end mills. The 3 mm hole for the shaft should be made using a 2.9 mm drill bit first and then a 3 mm H7 reamer. We also recommend that the four mounting holes shall be mounted with helicoil inserts.

The vials cost about 2 cents each and can be used several times provided that they are cleaned properly.

The Bill of Materials for the holder with 100 vials is included as CSV file in the download package and is copied here for your convenience. The total price is 235.32€ EX-VAT. Please note that prices may fluctuate in time at the supplier and that they are given without shipment costs.

If you are not using the four mounting holes, you can remove the V-Coil kit from the bill.