Starter Edition Bill Of Materials & Downloads

All the drawings PDF and STEP files are available for download here below. The base plate and brackets were designed to be machined in aluminum but you can print them in POLYAMIDE SLS Black Dye as well. Only the cover should be made in POLYAMIDE FMJ Black Dye (do not use SLS for the cover as it may break).

Download the files here: starter edition (rev3).

If you choose to purchase the base plate and brackets in SLS, you will have to tap the holes yourself. Please refer to the drawings to know which holes should be tapped. We recommend that mounting holes should be tapped with helicoils insert. For more information on helicoils inserts, please consult the tooling page.

The Bill of Materials is included as CSV file in the download package and is copied here for your convenience. The total price without the cuvette is 2,263.92€ EX-VAT. Please note that prices may fluctuate in time at the supplier and that they are given without shipment costs. You may also need some extra tooling to assemble the spectrometer.

If you purchased the baseplate and brackets in aluminum, you can remove the V-Coil kit from the bill of materials.

You may download earlier revisions of the Starter Edition here:

Revision 0: starter edition (rev0).

Revision 1: starter edition (rev1).

Revision 2: starter edition (rev2).