Fiber-Coupled Laser Add-on

If you already own a fiber-coupled laser or prefer to use one instead of our standard 532 nm diode and its custom driver, you can use this fiber-coupled laser add-on.

The STEP files and drawings can be downloaded here (rev0). Although the BOM mention SLS printing, the picture above shows part in aluminum 6061 obtained from XOMETRY CNC services. The new holder is also 100% compatible with the Starter Edition. If you already own a Starter Edition, check if you already have version rev2 or more recent of the part #2020-05.

When using the fiber-coupled laser add-on you can remove from the Performance Edition BOM the parts #2021-01/0 (Cables Flexure rev0 (POLYAMIDE FMJ)), #2020-18/1 (Laser Assembly (rev1)) and #2020-19/2 (Laser & TEC Driver (rev2)) for a total of 1025.62€.

Assembly is straightforward. Add the FL05532-10 filter first and secure it with SM05RR retainer ring. Then insert the F110APC-532 collimator connected to its laser and secure it with the SS4MN4 nylon-tipped set screw. Do not over-tighten the set screw.

Proceed as for the Starter Edition for the alignment. The NE520A filter can be used as a tooling during the alignment operation for people who do not have a laser with tunable power. It is recommended to keep the power between 0.1 mW and 1 mW (max) during the beam steering process for eye protection and comfort.

The add-on was designed for FC/APC connector but Thorlabs also provide FC/PC and SMA905 variation of the F110X-532 collimators.

For best performances, we recommend 532 nm lasers with maximum 0.15 nm linewidth, preferably with FC/APC connectors and power of at least 10 mW.